How often do you use protective styles for your hair?  What has your experience been?  Have you even heard of that term?  To break it down a little for you, we normally use the term Protective styling when we refer to braids, weaves, faux locs, corn rows etc. 

 Many women and girls use protective styles to:

  • Reduce the time it takes to care for and groom their hair
  • Protect their hair from the elements (hot sun, cold dry weather, dry winds etc.)
  • Change up their hair style usually for a different or a more dramatic look
  • Add more volume to their hair or wear a different hair texture
  • Cover damage to hair and scalp while allowing hair to re-grow as possible
  • Give the hair a break and allow it to grow undisturbed

Protective styles can be lots of fun but if you're not careful or don't engage a really good stylist, you can wind up with damaged, breaking, thining hair as well as hair loss in areas where the styles are too tight. 

Find a stylist who truly cares for your hair and scalp.  Someone who is conscious of the damaging effects of tugging and pulling on your scalp and hair.  Stop your stylist and ask them to undo and re-do a tight braid or loc etc.  If you are too shy to do so, you will pay for it later.

 In summary – enjoy the hair styling options that are available and make sure that you are well educated about them so that you can always look your best and be healthy. 

The following three articles will highlight some common protective styles, their upsides as well as downsides. 

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