Harnessing the Power of Nature to Care for Curls!


NATURAZ is an ingredient conscious product line that is 100% vegan, Non-GMO and formulated to infuse lasting moisture and nourishment to hair.   

Our passion and mission is to get you to love, handle and wear your beautiful natural hair, regardless of type, with ease, beauty and grace.


Our ingredient conscious products are formulated to deliver lasting moisture in your hair for easy, manageable styling.

By leaving out many ingredients that are bad for you and ingredients that are not effective, you get a concentrated product with ingredients ranging from coconut oil, sustainably sourced palm oil, jojoba oil, to aloe vera and lavender.  These natural powerhouses are rich in vitamins A, C & E and minerals like selenium and magnesium, all of which nourish and support the health of your hair and scalp.

When you choose Naturaz, you introduce lasting moisture, nourishment & efficiency to your hair routine and you know what?  A portion of your purchase goes towards helping eradicate hunger in America!

Meet The Founder

I’m Mumbi Dunjwa and I developed the Moisture Burst System because I know how it is to have dry, curly, coily hair. As a mother, wife and entrepreneur, time is elusive and my hair care routine needs to be efficient with great results. After hearing the voices of curly-haired women around the world validating my observations and echoing some of my own experiences, I decided to find a solution to curly hair woes. I used my chemistry, health and technical background to formulate a hair care system that delivers intense moisture to the hair strand and nutrition to the scalp, because healthy, soft, manageable hair is easy to style.

My goal was to focus on rich, exotic, natural ingredients that have been successfully used traditionally on hair. I chose ingredients that have been tested over time and I combined them with deeply moisturizing discoveries of our time to create the Moisture Burst System.

I enjoy an active lifestyle including hot yoga, swimming, tennis, cycling and exercising. The Moisture Burst System is designed to support a healthy, active lifestyle—merging health and beauty in our lives. That’s why I am committed to using only the highest quality ingredients, never adding fillers in our formulations and always sourcing our ingredients ethically and sustainably. The Naturaz Moisture Burst System has transformed my hair and my life and I know that it will transform yours too!   


I love education!  Both the sciences and the arts.  I spend some of my time motivating young people to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering & math.  I believe that these must be balanced with the arts as well as financial literacy and business knowledge.   The children and youth are our future and we must invest in them to give them an opportunity to rise, use their talents and make their positive contribution to our world.  


Bring Your Curls Back To Life with the Moisture Burst System by Naturaz!



This is my second go round with the big chop and & going natural. This time I can see the essence of my hair through your products!

Monica, Washington D.C.