Your Hair Texture Can Change Naturally

You might be wondering how I would say such a thing right?  Or maybe you’ve experienced a change in your natural hair texture and you get it.  Regardless of what your thoughts are, I’d like to share that I’ve noticed my own hair texture change over a period of time during which I have moisturized and nourished it well.  Note here that the products or deep conditioning treatments you use will play a key role in helping your naturally curly or coily hair thrive.  My curls are not as small as they used to be.  I’m still a type 4 hair type but my whole head of hair is not 4C any more.  Some parts are 4A and others 4B.  My crown is the frizziest as well as the hair right at the front along my forehead and temples.  I think it’s because these areas are the most exposed.  The hair in the back of my head is the softest and silkiest.  Or at least my cuticle is more relaxed and smoothed.  This is the most protected part of my hair.  My guess is that  most people might experience this same phenomenon. 

Did you know that black women purchase at least 9 times more hair products than any other demographic?  We are always trying out new stuff to see whether our hair likes it.  Or we might watch an influencer with larger than life hair demonstrate the use of a product line and want to achieve similar results.  Many of us fall flat on our faces and pretty much give up on products we purchase when we don’t achieve our goals.  Six months down the road, we can hardly shut our cabinets that are overflowing with disappointing products.  Maybe we are too eager or too impulsive or maybe our vision for our hair is so tremendous that we forget to take the tiny, incremental steps needed to get to our envisioned destination.  In our eagerness and impulsiveness, we give up quickly on seeing the products we purchase through, and quickly shift to the next fad that shows up on YouTube.  If all this sounds familiar to you, read on because I have a surprising discovery to share with you. 

If you want to experience real change in the texture and look of your hair, stick with one highly moisturizing product line for at least six months.  Clients who’ve used the Naturaz Hair Care line have shared that they’ve experienced a texture change with consistent use of the product line.  Regardless of what you currently use or what you’re about to try out, stick with it for six months or at least finish the jars or bottles of products that you have.  Give them a fair chance to help you achieve your hair goals.  It takes time to really start experiencing a difference in texture so be patient and consistent. 

If a product line is making your scalp itchy or you have an allergic reacition, definitely stop using it and make sure you alert the manufacturer.  If your reaction is serious, see a medical professional as soon as possible.  I’m a lifelong natural and I’ve lived the gamut when it comes to natural hair.   Consider what I’ve shared in this article and remember that “a rolling stone gathers no moss.”  

Let us know what you think by leaving comments below and let us know what your hair texture is like now compared to the past and what you’ve done to achieve it. 

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  • Can you provide a step by step demo on how to use the products.


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