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Yoga Can Grow Your Hair!

You're probably wondering how crazy this statement is!  Salty liquid that is produced by our body can only be detrimental to hair right?  It can make it dry because salt is naturally dehydrating.  What I really mean is that exercise is amazing for your hair!  Today I'll feature one of my favorites.  Yoga!  Ok - Hot Yoga and do we SWEAT!  

I always enjoy my Tuesday evenings when I get coached by the absolute best yoga instructor I've ever had.  We stretch a lot through the various poses.  We also get serious work out, tighten ab muscles, twist, build flexibility and more.  I want to be doing this when I'm ninety!  

So, what are the benefits of yoga or hot yoga?

Detoxification:  You'll sweat especially when you do hot yoga!  Sweating is a mechanism employed by the body to cool you down.  It also cleans and helps carry toxins out of your body.  When your body is not eliminating properly, it means that you're not in your best health.  This also has an impact on the health of your hair and skin.  You might experience break outs on your skin and hair that doesn't look or feel healthy.  

Stress Elimination:  Did you know that stress contributes to hair thinning and loss?  At yoga, I have to focus on poses.  Especially those that demand the most balance!  If my mind wanders, I fall over!  This level of focus stills my mind.  The chattering in the brain stops and I get a reset.  Many times I get clarity about situations that I'm dealing with.  I feel so relaxed and peaceful after yoga and I sleep deeply and wake up rested. 

Grounding:  Yoga grounds me through  the rhythmic deep breathing and connection to the ground or floor supporting my body when I do difficult balance poses.   I feel more connected to the earth and to everyone every time I practice yoga.  This grounding practice helps with focus and stress management as well.  

Enhances Circulation:  Any form of exercise enhances circulation which strengthens your blood vessels, your heart muscle and delivers nutrients faster and more effectively where needed.  When blood is flowing strongly through your veins, your scalp and follicles underneath reap the benefits, the result being healthier skin and hair.  

Improved flexibility:  Yoga improves flexibility by gently stretching your muscles over time and helping your body lubricate joints.  For older people with arthritis and stiff joints, yoga can help reduce or eliminate pain over time while building flexibility so that they don't compromise on activities of daily living.  Head stands are great in bringing more circulation to your scalp and hair follicles. flexibility makes exercising fun and the more exercise you get, the healthier you are overall.  I'm much more flexible due to yoga and plan to practice through my old age!

Combine yoga with an excellent diet for glowing skin and healthy hair!

About the Author – Mumbi Dunjwa is an award-winning chemist from the American Chemical Society.  She is the Founder & CEO of Naturaz and she formulated the industry leading Moisture Burst System™.  This revolutionary 3-step system is an all-natural hair care product line which is 100% vegan and scientifically formulated to infuse long lasting moisture in curly, coily hair.  Mumbi has a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry and nuclear medicine technology and a Masters degree from Carnegie Mellon University.  She is passionate about seamlessly integrating health and beauty in our lives and she is a strong advocate for advancing STEM education among our youth, developing STEM careers and empowering women and girls around the world.

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