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Why I Created Naturaz

I’m Mumbi Dunjwa and I’m a chemist, I love science and technology and I’m a life-long natural. I was born and grew up part of my life in Kenya, East Africa. I was raised alongside five siblings, by a father who was a university professor and a mother who was a high school biology teacher. Academics were important at home and I juggle interests inspired by both my mother and father.

Naturaz has been a passion for a long time. Even before I knew it would become one of my life’s major missions. When I was young, I took care of my younger sisters hair. I was probably ten or eleven when I started doing so. It wasn’t easy back in the day to care for coily hair because we didn’t use the right products. In college my hair was big and perms were the “in thing”. I avoided perms because I didn’t want to experience the breakage and hair loss that I saw others in and outside my circle of influence grappling with. I knew that the root cause that drives many of us women towards using harsh grooming techniques such as high heat, chemical relaxers, tight weaves or braids, is because curly or coily hair is intrinsically dry and can be a nightmare to manage! I know what it is to have dry hair that can take up to two hours or more to detangle! I was determined to find a solution for myself and others who were struggling just like I was.

My goal was to summon age old wisdom from Africa and to focus on rich, exotic, natural ingredients that have been successfully used traditionally on hair. I chose ingredients that have been tested over time and scientifically combined them with deeply moisturizing discoveries of our time. The result was the “Moisture Burst System®, which delivers and sustains moisture in hair and feeds the scalp with the nutrition it needs because healthy, soft, manageable hair grows longer and is easy to style.

The Moisture Burst System® is designed to support a healthy, active lifestyle—merging health and beauty in our lives. That’s why I am committed to using only the highest quality ingredients, never adding fillers or questionable ingredients to our formulations and always sourcing our ingredients ethically and sustainably. The Naturaz Moisture Burst System has transformed my hair and my life and I know that it will transform yours too!

My love for Science & Technology runs deep in my veins. I dedicate part of my time to talking to students in high schools about the power of Science Technology Engineering & Math (STEM) in changing the world to be a better place for all.

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