Weaves: Upsides & Pitfalls


Weaves are now commonplace especially with the rise of international super stars like Beyonce who is normally seen dancing and swinging long European/Asian like hair!  A lot of young people admire and find her look stunning and have followed in the same footsteps.  The weave business is now a billion-dollar business as women scramble to find hair pieces that give them a chance to wear a different, more desirable hair texture that in their perception might make them appear more beautiful.  There are weaves that are now available that mimic the look of African hair and these have become very popular as well.  Weaves range from sew in types to glue on types. 

Pitfalls:  Although weaves can offer a nice change up to your style, they can affect your hair line over time.  Glue can cause allergic reactions and even peel off your skin or pull out your hair.  I remember a call from a friend who had a stylist recommend a glued on weave.  My friend was getting ready for an important event and wanted to look her best.  She started itching and was so uncomfortable that reached out desperately trying to find out how she could take the weave off safely without damaging her already thinning hair.  It was a nerve wracking situation for her.  If you consistently have tight weaves, you can experience hair loss over a period of time.  This hair loss can often be seen around the temples or crown of your hair.  I've encountered many women who share that their scalp sometimes gets itchy with a weave.  Many spray the Naturaz Rehydrating Mist & Detangler which contains aloe and other moisturizing and soothing ingredients that help reduce itching while delivering moisture.  

Upsides:  Sometimes you just want to change up your look and weaves will do just that for you.   Weaves are also great for protective styling when done right and will give your hair the break it needs to grow undisturbed.  Weaves also help you avoid damaging hair grooming methods by making some hair styles more accessible or by adding volume and length to your hair.  

Find a good stylist who is well informed and conscious about retaining hair and scalp health when putting a weave on clients.  A good stylist will preserve your hair, give you hot new looks and enable your hair to grow while keeping your scalp and hair follicles healthy.  

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