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Trap Moisture In Your Natural Hair With This Little Known Wash Day Secret

Many of us curlies or coilies dread wash day.  First off, it can take forever to cleanse & deep condition.  Second depending on how we handle our tresses, we may end up with tangled strands that we have to separate without damaging.  This takes time!  Thirdly, we need to moisturize and style.  Talk about styling!  It can be easy for some and just crazy for others.  Especially if you struggle with some serious shrinkage! 

Anyway, today I'll share the secret to trapping moisture in your natural hair on wash day so that on day 2, your hair feels soft and easy to manage.  Do you use a foaming shampoo?  If you do, you might want to consider a gentler solution.  Shampoos can over-cleanse and over-dry hair, such that you have to spend way more time replenishing what you stripped off!  That's why many shampoos come with a deep conditioner!  Have you ever wondered about that?  

Wash your hair with a sulfate free, non-foaming shampoo like the Naturaz 3-In-1 Conditioning Shampoo

  • It is made with oils like jojoba oil and lipids like sunflower lecithin that nourish and condition your hair and scalp. 
  • It naturally delivers proteins to your hair so that your hair can be strengthened.  You will see your hair texture improve and change with consistent use of this magic potion! 
  • Skip the conditioning step!  Who has time for that every time you have to wash your hair?  Our conditioning shampoo conditions while cleansing and all our formulas will continuously condition your hair while you go about your busy life!
  • It delivers slip so that you can comb through your hair even before getting into the shower. 
  • It cleanses well and rinses off completely so a little goes a long way.  
After cleansing, remove excess water with a T-Shirt and then liberally apply the Naturaz Rehydrating Mist & Detangler  
  • This is a critical step in your process.  Especially if you have Type 4 hair!  The Rehydrating Mist & Detangler contains humectants and aloe vera which enable the hair to hold moisture. 
  • Aloe vera is a super food so guess what your hair and scalp are getting?  Loads of vitamins and minerals.  You'll enjoy hair growth and less breakage when you include this step in your wash day process.  

 Naturaz 3-in-1 Shampoo DEMO

Lock in moisture while nourishing your scalp and hair!

Apply the Styling Moisturizer so that you fully lock in the moisture you've introduced in your hair.  It will nourish your hair and scalp while continuously conditioning your hair!   

    So, now you know my secret😊 Try the steps I've outlined above and drop me a line at Or tag us on Instagram @naturaz_hair and let us know how your hair feels and looks!  


    Mumbi Dunjwa is the founder and CEO of Naturaz hair.  She has been a lifelong naturalista and has a passion for educating people on how she has been able to stay natural all her life even when “natural hair” was not popular.  She has a background in Chemistry, Nuclear Medicine Technology and Information Systems Management and has worked in large health care systems as well as big pharma.  Curly, coily hair is fascinating to her and consistently shares that healthy hair is not only about product.  

    Health on every level is critical to growing and keeping a vibrant head of hair.  She believes there is so muchmore to be invented that will transform hair care and help folks with curly, coily hair better harness their magnificent crowns and she wants to be a part of this transformation. Learn more at and  Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & Youtube.



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