Ten Ways to prevent hair Breakage and Permanent hair Loss!

Traction alopecia can be prevented by changing your practices.  Below are ten ways to prevent hair breakage and/or permanent hair loss caused by pulling and tugging of hair:

  1. Steer clear of tight and/or heavy braids, cornrows, extensions or weaves. I mean, avoid these like the plague!. Over time, they will eat away at your hair line.
  2. Use a stylist who understands the impact of tight braids on hair, and explores beneficial styling options with you to avoid hair loss.
  3. Reduce the number of times that you get your hair braided.
  4. Do not take a pain killer to manage your discomfort.  If your hair is braided too tight and/or you notice your braids lifting with strands and roots of your hair, take the braids out, moisturize and massage the areas with hair loss very well and seek a new stylist who will take better care of your hair.
  5. Do not wear your braids, twists, cornrows, weaves and other similar hairstyles for too long.  This can cause serious hair breakage and loss.
  6. Constantly and intensely moisturize your braids, cornrows, twists and other similar hairstyles to ensure minimal breakage when combing out. A product like the Naturaz Rehydrating Mist and Detangler can help keep your hair soft and well conditioned. 
  7. Do not hold your protective pull back styles too tight or wear them too often or when sleeping. Although protective hairstyles are a great way to protect ends, these practices will thin your hairline.
  8. Avoid tight weaves and also avoid using weaves to cover up hair loss. If your remaining hair is pulled too tight, you will notice additional thinning and hair loss. If possible, you may choose to wear a wig on top of well moisturized hair.
  9. Reduce the number of times that you get heat treatments that require some level of pulling and tugging. A good example is the blow dry.  I keep these sorts of treatments to a minimum so as to maintain the health of my hair and to reduce shedding.
  10. Avoid combing your hair when it is dry. You’ll shed a lot more hair and tug on your roots thus plucking hair.  Wet your hair and as needed, use a good moisturizing and detangling product to soften your hair prior to combing. 


Hair Healthy Foods

Although we’ve covered this in previous articles like Eat Your Way To Healthy Hair, I'll highlight a few foods to help foods that can help keep your hair healthy and growing. 

Protein:  Hair is mainly made out of protein.  Without protein, you will not produce enough keratin to support healthy hair growth. Eat foods high in protein like goat meat, chicken, eggs, fish, beans. 

Iron:  Iron deficiency can also cause thinning and hair loss so eat foods high in iron like spinach and kale. 

Zinc:  Foods like beans and sea food that are high in zinc which can help combat dryness in your hair by supporting the oil glands that product sebum/oil.

Biotin:  Foods rich in biotin will help with overall hair growth and health of your scalp.  Eggs and salmon are a great source of biotin.

Read more about Omega 3 and benefits for your hair here: Omega 3 Fatty Acids For Healthy Hair

 When you put this into practice, give your hair time to recover and grow.  Keep massaging your scalp to stimulate follicles that are still functioning.  Be gentle, be patient and you won’t be disappointed!

 If you find that your areas of baldness or hair loss are not responding regardless of product, practice and diet, you may already have permanent damage to your hair roots and you may need a hair transplant.  You also may have other underlying conditions that need attention.  Consult with your dermatologist and/or relevant medical expert if you find yourself in this situation.

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