Grooming Your Child's Hair Is Easy!

Do you struggle with your child's hair?  Does your child dread wash days?  Does she or he run off upon seeing your looming shadow with a comb on your hand? 

I would if I knew what was coming.  The pain, the frustration on both parties, the ridiculously long time it takes to care for hair and the headache!  

It doesn't have to be that hard!  Try this:

Keep it simple with in-between hair styles between the phases.  Like pig tails.  It doesn't have to be perfect!  

My six year old daughter has type 4X hair!  I exaggerate a little but her coils are so little and adorable.  She also has a lot of hair but phasing out and using the Naturaz Rehydrating Mist & Detangler has worked wonders for both of us!  

Do you phase your child's hair care?  Let us know!


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