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I Needed ONLY Two Products for Wash Day!

When I decided to formulate the Naturaz hair product line, my main goal was to make it easier to manage curly, coily hair.  I wanted sustained moisture, nourishment and the ability to quickly style my hair daily.  Most folks with natural hair or transitioning to natural encounter those long detangling/wash days.  Styling hair can also be daunting.  Cabinets quickly fill up with products that don't work, while frustration mounts.  At Naturaz, we want to curb frustration and get you results quickly. 

Vivianna from Viv Hair Therapy, recently tried and reviewed Naturaz products.  She doesn't like using oils on her gorgeous, thick type 4 hair.  She used Naturaz products on her wash day and was surprised that she needed only two products to get the style she wanted. She didn't need to condition her hair separately to achieve her results.  This is because the Naturaz 3 in 1 Conditioning Shampoo will cleanse, condition and moisturize hair without stripping.  Take a look at her twist out routine below.  


Vivianna Used:


If you don't like oils, I still highly recommend using the Naturaz Styling Moisturizer as a pree-poo treatment.  Give your hair ends some extra TLC because they tend to be more exposed to the elements.  If you do like oils, put some of the Naturaz Styling Moisturizer on hair hair before applying the Curl Defining Cream.  This will really bring out shine and deepen any hair color that you have.  

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