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How To Moisturize Natural Hair and Keep It Moisturized For Longer

Have you been struggling with dry natural hair no matter what you do?  Are you wondering why you apply product and your hair feels good at first but by the end of the day it is dry and lifeless?  

Natural curly hair tends to be dry and this ranges across many different curly pattern types.  The cuticles tend to be more open making it porous.  It therefore soaks in moisture easily but also looses it just as easily.  You might be wondering what a cuticle is.  Picture a hair strand and then imagine that it has a bunch of shingles neatly arranged up and down its length.  In curly, coarse hair types, the "shingles" tend to lift and not typically lay flat.  This is what causes the hair to be more porous, harder to manage and more prone to breakage.  So how can you lock in that moisture so that it is not such a struggle?  

  1. Use a rehydrating product that contains a humectant in it like glycerin.  This will ensure that it is an excellent moisturizer for hair. When this is well balanced in a formuation, your hair will be infused with mositure and that moisture will be retained because you have molecules from the humectant attaching to your hair and helping it hold the moisture. Rehydrate as needed once a day or twice a day until you feel like your hair has absorbed and is retaining moisture.  
  2. Seal in the moisture with some oils or an oil based product.  When you smooth some oil on your hair strands, you help relax and seal the cuticle. Reapply the moisturizing oil for hair daily or as needed, along with an deeply moisturizing spray for hair.     
  3. If you have a water based curl defining product, you can use it to further smooth your cuticle and bring out the definition in your natural curl.  Finger combing can be soothing to your hair strand as you help your cuticles lay down with the help of the curl defining product.  
  4. Wear a sleeping cap made out of silk or satin or if you can't stand having a scarf or cap on your head, use pillowcases made out of the same material.  
  5. If you live in a dry area or are battling cold, dry winter weather, use a humidifier in your home.  This will keep you hydrated all around and your hair will benefit from it.  
  6. Take omega 3 oils.  These will moisturize and add shine to your hair.  
  7. Drink 8 glasses of water a day.  Hydration is critical and you'll see a huge difference in the health of your hair.  

A great moisturizing routine with effective products is going to make a huge difference.  Please comment below or send your questions to customerservice@naturaz.com


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