How Naturaz Can Help You Regardless Of Hair Style. A Must Read!

All my life I've been surrounded by incredible women. They've come in all shapes, sizes and personalities. Kind and soft spoken, go getter type "As", compassionate and thoughtful, prayerful and headstrong. Some have been tall, others short. Some full figured, others skinny. Mommies, daughters, girlfriends, sisters, nieces, cousins, colleagues, aunties and more, have filled my life with color. Butterflies come to mind when I think of women and how we dress, the shoes in our closets, the accessories, the hair styles from natural coils and curls to braids, locks, perms and curly kits. We are colorful, spirited, dainty, conversational, strong whether a noisy or quiet strength. We are inherently creators and nurturers and above it all, we can fly ;)

Does it then surprise you just how many colorful things we do with our hair? Below, check out how Naturaz hair products can help you regardless of your hair style:

1. Curly, Coily Naturalistas: give your pretty curls and coils the moisture it loves! You know it is moisturized because it will be soft to the touch. It will look darker or your latest hair color will be deeper and more vibrant.It will be easier to manage too. Check out this Naturaz bundle to help you effectively manage your hair For more information on how to maintain a full head of soft, gorgeous and vibrant curls, see our blog, "Seven Tips To Gorgeous Hair in The New Year"

2. Processed Gals: Although you’re rocking your new straight cut or curly kit, remember that chemicals such as lye, strip protein from your hair and make it weaker.Also hydrogen and sulfide bonds that keep your hair elastic and healthier break. You can tell by trying to stretch your hair. It will most likely snap without stretching first. Regardless of this, it is possible to have a full head of processed hair if you take really good care of it. Here are five quick tips that can help you maintain fuller volume and avoid unnecessary breakage:

  • Engage a hair loving stylist who uses gentle, well formulated relaxers and don't let him/her over process your hair! Also try wrapping your hair every evening and don’t foget to dab it with a little moisturizer for example,the Naturaz Styling Moisturizer.This moisturizer is also good for keeping your new growth softer.
  • Don't forcefully run a comb from new thicker, matted growth through to weaker processed hair. You'll only get globs of hair on your comb :( Moisturize your new growth to soften it prior to running a comb through it. The Naturaz Rehydrating Mist and Detangler is a life saver. Spray it on your new growth only.
  • If you have a curly kit, dab the Naturaz Styling Moisturizer to nourish your curls. Keep your hair moist with The Naturaz Rehydrating Mist.Your hair will thank you for it!
  • Reduce the frequency of retouches.
  • Trim your hair often
  • Remember, the quality of your stylist will determine the health of your perm!

3.Braided, twisted, cornrowed ladies: Braids, twists and cornrows can be a great way to protect your hair from the elements or to just give your hair a much needed break! If you have to take pain killers after braiding your hair, then it is too tight! Please, please, please try to always keep it loose around your hairline without compromising your hairstlye! Your hair and scalp can only take so much before you start trying to hide bald spots! It's ok to tell your stylist that "it is too tight!" Or to walk away. We've seen too many women hide behind weaves and wigs due to hair loss. Let's make this a thing of the past! To keep the itch away, hydrate and moisturize your scalp. The Naturaz Rehydrating Mist is great as a leave in and it will get to those hard to reach itchiness. Also spray it on your hair to keep it soft and to prepare it for detangling later on .You’ll be smiling from ear to ear when you look at your comb with a lot less hair than ever before! Apply the Styling moisturizer to your scalp whenever you need some additional oils.

4.Woven Divas: Weaves can save the day for many of us. We can change up our style and look like Beyoncé, Tyra Banks and many other stars who we admire.While weaves can help us embrace our butterfly-like personalities, so can they cause hair breakage and hair loss. Here are some tips to help you rock your new ‘Diva’ look with confidence:

  • Make sure your stylist doesn't weave your hair too tight, especially around your hair line.
  • Do not weave to hide serious hair loss because it is likely to get worse. Wear a wig instead and massage areas with hair loss using a good moisturizer or oil. See our blog on '"save your hairline".
  • Avoid glued in weaves!!
  • To keep the itch away spray some of the Naturaz Rehydrating will get to those hard to reach places and deliver some relief!

Regardless of what we do with our hair, our decisions should be driven by information. After all, we're living in the Information Age! Soft, gorgeous and vibrant hair can be achievable. Go on! Be the healthy haired butterfly that you always were .Be colorful! Fly!