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Get Your Sweat On & Watch Your Hair Grow!

How often do you work out?  How about the women around you or those in your family?  If you do so often, that's great.  If you don't, I'd like to share that sweat is your friend!  In fact, it's deeper than that.  You need to break a sweat often if you want healthy hair and skin!  Many women don't really want to work out because they'll sweat into their hair style, mess it up and styling it again the next day is a night mare!  Many women with curly or coily hair that they've spent time straightening in whatever manner, shy away from all sorts of water! 

  • Rain even a soft drizzle will make permed hair frizzy or heat treated hair shrink.
  • Showering without a shower cap will do the same. 
  • Exercising and sweating will just make the roots of the hair shrink, become nappy and difficult to comb.  The salt that is deposited from sweating can cause the hair to dry out even more. 
  • Don't mention swimming!!  Dipping a full head of hair into chlorinated water can feel like diving headlong into the ultimate nightmare!  Swimming caps rearely work. 

So given this dire picture that I've painted, what should curly, coily haired folks do???

My advice is:  get your sweat on!  Working out might ruin your hair style but it might be worth re-thinking how you style your hair and how that prevents you from living your best life.  My naturally curly hair isn't an impediment to exercising.  In fact, it is so versatile for me that I don't worry about rain, getting water in my hair from swimming or sweat etc.  I'm able to exercise and by using the Rehydrating Mist & Detangler and Styling Moisturizer regularly, I'm able to keep my hair soft and manageable.  Might keeping a simpler, more natural hair style give you options to be a healthier you with express benefits of happier hair?  There are so many options for styling hair that with some learning, a little frustration, advice and persistence, you can work out a way to integrate regular exercise into your life and hair style.  Exercising at least 3 times a week:

  • Improves circulation to your entire body including your scalp.  This helps deliver more nutrients to your hair thus stimulating healthy hair growth. 
  • Strengthens your heart muscle and overall health
  • Reduces stress and improves your mood.  Excessive or sustained stress is known to cause hair loss.
  • Improves elimination through your sweat glands, bowels as well as kidneys.  This helps you eliminate toxins more effectively from your body.  

Check this article out to learn about one of my favorite detoxifying workout.  

Drinking your eight glasses of water every day in addition to exercises will boost your health.  This is because water transports nutrients into your cells while carrying waste and toxins out.

 So change your hair style if you need to and  get your sweat on - for inspiration and ideas check out the Naturaz Pinterest Page.  Eat well, drink your water, get healthier, and enjoy the transformation of your hair and skin! 


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