Four Things You Can Do Today To Combat Dry Hair!

Winters can be hard on hair. The air gets so dry! I’m sure many of you resonate. My daughter hair has also suffers and her hair has a tendency to be really dry. It’s got incredible body and the tiniest curls you ever saw. I absolutely love it and can’t wait to see how she’ll handle her thick gorgeous mane when she’s all grown up. So here are some things that I do and that you can do to keep your locs moisturized, soft and manageable.

1.  Drink lots of water

 Yes! This might sound like common sense but most of us don’t get the water we need. The recommendation is 8, 8 Oz glasses of water which amounts to about 1920 mls or just about 2 Liters. That sounds like quite a lot of water doesn’t it? Try to front load during the day. I normally take about 1 liter in the morning and another in the afternoon when I take my walk or work out. That way most of my fluids are in before 7 p.m. and I won’t be zooming in and out of the bathroom at night and waking up raccoon eyed! This is great for delivering sustained moisture to your hair and skin.

 2.  Use Glycerin in your hair recipes or products

 Glycerin is a humectant which means it attracts water from the atmosphere. It i is odorless, viscous and colorless, and has a sweet taste. It has a sticky feel and is best when diluted with water. It is very effective in making skin and hair quite soft and moisturized when used in the right proportions in a formulation. The Naturaz Rehydrating Mist and Detangler contains glycerin and is great for hydrating, softening, maintaining and conditioning hair. My daughter and I use it a lot as a leave in rehydrator and it really helps us keep our hair moist. A very small percentage of folks have told me that glycerin makes their hair dry. So it might not be the solution for everyone but it works very well for most people. Give it a try and let us know how it works for you!

3.  Remember oily hair is not moisturized hair!

 Sebum or oil that your scalp produces does not travel far up the length of your coils or curls. That’s why curly, coily hair tends to be dryer than other hair types. If oil is just sitting on top of your hair and not penetrating the hair shaft then you’re hair will suffer from dryness. Avoid mineral oils and petrolatum which don’t do much for your hair. They will seal in moisture temporarily but mainly sit on top of your hair strand. Instead, use coconut oil, olive oil or jojoba oil to name a few, to provide some oils to your dry hair strand and nourishment to your scalp (if needed). Remember not to over do the oiling part. My routine is to infuse moisture by first hydrating my hair as described above and then sealing it all in with an oil based moisturizer. I use the Naturaz Styling Moisturizer which has emollients and oils like jojoba and coconut as well as aloe vera, to do the job.

 4.  Avoid sulfates in your cleansing products

Foaming products have been getting a bad rap lately and rightly so. The act of washing your hair with a highly lathering product was highly romanticized in commercials and most of us couldn’t resist getting product that would make our hair feel as clean as the models on TV. The sad part is that these types of cleansers strip our hair so much that the end result is very dry hard to manage hair. Take a look at your cleanser labels and if they contain any of these ingredients then you might want to stop using them: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) or Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES), Ammonium Laureth Sulfate, Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate.

Stay tuned for more tips on how to keep your hair soft, moist and manageable.

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