Faux Locs Upsides & Pitfalls

Protective styles can be lots of fun!  Especially faux locs!  Faux locs can be done in two ways:  wrapping individual sections of hair with hair extensions or cornrowing the hair and then attaching the individual faux locs similarly to how you'd attach a crochet braid.  

Faux Locs are a fun way to style and protect your hair!  They allow you to practically wrap up your hair strands and shelter them from the elements.   

Upsides: They can give you the locked hair look that you’ve always envied, add length and color to your style and enable you to put together some pretty nice and dramatic hair styles that can be used in various settings. By wrapping hair piece tightly around your own individual hair strands, you preserve moisture and allow your hair to recuperate from harsh weather changes.  This approach when done right, can help you retain length and health over time.  

Pitfalls:  making the faux locs too tight or making them too heavy will create tension by tugging on your scalp.  This will cause damage to your hair and scalp.  If the faux locs are too tight, take them down.  It’s not worth nursing a painful scalp and risking hair loss around your temple or other areas of our scalp for a dramatic new look!

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