Eight Tips and Advice to Complement Your Healthy Food Habits

As the new year rolls in, I'm sure most of you are revisiting your goals or resolutions.  If growing a healthy mane of hair was challenging for you last year, check out the following tips to help you get your hair healthy.  Remember, your internal health will be reflected on the outside. 

  1. Foods high in protein are great for your hair which is mostly made out of a protein called keratin. They keep your hair growing so that as old hair falls out, new hair comes in. Alternate between various healthy animal and plant sources of protein for balance. Lean sources of animal protein like chicken and turkey are great to add to your diet. Remember that red meat is high in saturated fat so avoid eating it in large quantities.
  2. Many women suffer from low iron due to blood loss during the menstrual cycle. Low iron can develop into anemia. Foods high in iron are great for you and ensure that your body is producing the full amount of red blood cells needed for optimal function. If you feel unusually tired, notice thinning hair especially around your hair line, have no energy and are getting sick often, see a doctor and check your blood iron levels.
  3. The wonderful effects of a well balanced diet will show up in your body over a period of time. You’re aiming for long term changes at a cellular level so be patient and stick with your program.
  4. If you have a medical condition like diabetes, high blood pressure, depression and more, consult with your doctor and dietician or nutritionist so that you can work out a meal plan that is complementary to the medication you take so that you feel healthier faster.
  5. Assess if current medications are affecting your appetite or creating a craving for the wrong types of foods. Discuss options with your doctor.
  6. If you’ve just had a baby, remember that the demand for resources during and after pregnancy is high and depletes your body. Take a multivitamin, eat foods high in iron like liver and enjoy low sodium bone broths and soups in addition to your meals. These will strengthen you, give you lots of minerals that your body needs and even help keep your bones and joints healthy, boost immunity, brighten skin and improve your hair.
  7. Do you get your two to three litres of water a day? If not, consider increasing your water consumption. It will help boost moisture levels in your skin and hair!
  8. Get regular exercise to improve circulation to your entire body including your hair follicles.

Healthy hair is a sign that your body is also healthy. If you take great care of your body, it will in turn take great care of you!

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