Curly hair is easy hair!!

Many of us are on the go. Juggling high powered careers, businesses, kids, husbands, several jobs, hobbies, college courses, volunteer initiatives, boyfriends, relatives, girlfriends and so on! We’re often multitasking through it all! Simultaneously as though we don’t have enough to do, we want to look good.  Hey we are stunning divas after all!  Dress, to shoes to hair!  Butterflies that step out in style, no matter what!  We want that hair style that she has, that weave, those braides, that cut, that wig! But then there's the tangled mess, dryness, new matted growth, breakage, product not working, limited time challenge that appear to work against us! 

Many women with coily or very curly hair spend many hours micro braiding, perming and styling, doing keratin treatments, blow drying and flat ironing, detangling, washing and combing, did I say styling?  Should it be so demanding and time consuming to make curly, coily hair look good?


Here’s the MYTH "Curly hair is hard to manage."  Here’s the TRUTH, "Curly hair is easy hair!!"

For real, it is easy hair! We just have to take the time to become ‘friends’ with it, learn how to handle it. The coils and curls and tangled mess couldn't be easier to live with and I'll give you seven MAJOR reasons why:

  1. You don't have to comb your curly, coily hair every day! You can set a style like an updo bun and rock it most of the week. All you might change is an accessory or two! Stay tuned for more on this. Check out some of our Pinterest boards in which we have highlighted fun hairstyles that you can try.
  2. Curly, coily hair is the most versatile hair there is! Without permanently changing it's chemical structure, you can wear it straight, wavy, frizzy, curly or coily, Afro, updo, scarf it up etc. Check out the vast resources online to easy updos, wash and go styles and more!
  3. You can use protective styles like braids, cornrows and twists. Once done, you don’t have to worry about styling every day.  These styles can last for weeks! To protect your hairline, take a look at our article here: Ten Tips To Save Your Hair Line!
  4. You can detangle and comb your hair in phases while maintaining an easy cute hair style! If you’re coming out of braids, cornrows etc. you can work from the back to the front and style it along the way. If just working with your natural curls and coils, you can work along your hairline in and use a protective style to cover up parts that are still being worked on. 
  5. You can use deeply moisturizing products that keep your hair soft and manageable. The market for curly, coily hair products has improved over the last ten years. Find a product that works and water those moisture loving tresses! They'll thank you profusely and will be more amenable to your comb and fingers.  The Naturaz Moisture Blast System to infuse and sustain moisture in your hair. 
  6. Discover the love affair between your curly, coily hair and your fingers! Use your fingers to detangle your tresses, to finger comb with gel and make your curls pop.  Your fingers are your ally!
  7. Leverage this incredible information age and use it to your advantage. Google/YouTube natural hair. You'll find a weath of information in all sorts of formats from DIY concoctions for your hair to incredible hair styles that you can whip up in minutes. Have a blast and don’t forget to share and pass on your learnings!!

 Are you convinced that black hair is easy hair? Leave your comments below.  We'd love to hear from you!

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