Caring For Your Curls Before Bed

If you’re not taking care of your curls before you hit the hay, you’re missing out on a golden opportunity to make sure your curls are cute, frizz free, and defined for the next day. Try these easy, fuss free tips to wake up with amazing hair.


The bonnet is an old tool but one of the best. Perfect for trapping moisture, preventing breakage, and reducing frizz, satin bonnets are about as simple as you can get- even if your hair is permed!

Two Strand Twist

This style is a simple way to maintain your hair’s definition while you sleep because it enhances your natural curl pattern. There are some great tutorials that explain in more detail, but basically you section your hair into parts (anywhere from 6 to 12 sections) and twist!

Pineapple method

This exciting style works by arranging curls in a high ponytail using a silk scarf as your hair tie. If you’ve never seen this in action, it is shockingly simple and a lot of people love it.

Oil application

Check in with your hair before you hit the hay! If your locks are feeling a bit dry, be sure and apply a little oil. If you’re using a protective covering like a bonnet or the silk scarf pineapple method, it will trap even more moisture!

Night time curl care is so easy that it’s amazing that you can get such fantastic results from it. Spend just a little time on you curls at night and you’ll be stunned at the results. 

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