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Can You Pull Off Professional Natural Hair Styles For Work?

What do you think about wearing your natural hair to an interview or to work or to an important meeting?  Do you feel confident in your hair?  Do you think you look beautiful?  Do you care what other people say?  Do you like the hair style that you have on?  Do you think there will be a perception that you don’t wear your hair in a professional way?  What is professional hair?  What is good or bad hair? 

Natural hair can get contentious in this day and age!  Even with a blossoming natural hair community globally, we still have a long way to go to feel comfortable in and fully accept our natural curls and coils.  Styling is a major challenge for many women with natural hair and maintaining a style throughout the week can seem difficult. Check out our Natural Hair Styles for work on our Pinterest Inspiration page.  Give them a try and I'm sure you’ll get many compliments and inspire others to express their infinite beauty inside and out. 

About the Author – Mumbi Dunjwa is an award-winning chemist from the American Chemical Society.  She is the Founder & CEO of Naturaz and she formulated the industry leading Moisture Burst System™.  This revolutionary 3-step system is an all-natural hair care product line which is 100% vegan and scientifically formulated to infuse long lasting moisture in curly, coily hair.  Mumbi has a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry and nuclear medicine technology and a Masters degree from Carnegie Mellon University.  She is passionate about seamlessly integrating health and beauty in our lives and she is a strong advocate for advancing STEM education among our youth, developing STEM careers and empowering women and girls around the world.

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