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Braided Styles Upsides & Pitfalls

Braids and Corn Rows

There are different kinds of braided styles that range from micro to jumbo/thick braids!  They are a really good protective solution and have been used by women and children globally. 

I remember getting thick braid extensions when I was in college. I didn’t really need them but thought they were cute.  Each braid was probably one and a half inches thick.  It looked really nice but it was so tight that I could hardly sleep!  I had to wake up in the middle of the night, spend hours taking down my hair and still go to class the next day!  I wasn’t a happy camper but I learned my lesson and I’m thankful for it.  If I had kept them in, the tugging and pulling on my scalp would have resulted in hair falling out!  If I repeatedly went to get these braids done, I'd have experienced some serious hair loss.  Hair loss around the temples and crown is very common for black women around the world.  Tight braids are a commonly accepted and very avoidable culprit.  So, avoid them and avoid anyone who braids your hair too tight!  Don't take medication to ease the pain!  It's not worth the hair loss and impact on self esteem later on! 

On the other extreme, Micro braids are quite popular.  They take quite a while to braid and are typically light weight. They last for long and can be easily manipulated and styled. Avoid keeping these in your hair for too long (months) otherwise you could end up with a lot of hair breakage.  Because each microbraid is attached to a very small section of hair, your hair strands are more vulnerable to popping out of your follicle if your hair is held too tight. Again, tightness and the length of time you have these braids in your hair will dictate the extent of hair loss you experience over time.  

It is very common for people to share that they are experiencing itching from wearing braids.  I'll delve further into this in an upcoming article.  In the meantime, use good quality synthetic or human hair that hasn't been treated with harsh chemicals or that has been rinsed out very well to remove chemicals applied during the manufacturing process.

Our braided clients love the Naturaz Styling Moisturizer and the Naturaz Rehydrating Mist & Detangler for scalp maintenance and moisture when they have braided styles.  Use the latter to take down your braids and avoid breakage!



To recap, the effects of braids and corn rows on hair, are similar to faux locs.  They can cause traction alopecia if they are repeatedly held too tight.  You will see this type of hair loss mainly around the temples and crown.  This is very preventable so be gentle with your hair so that it can serve you for a long time to come!  On the upside, these hair styles are a great way to protect your hair, avoid manipulating it, give it a rest and allow it to grow and gain length.  Be wise and enjoy the benefits of this type of protective styling. 

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