3 Work Friendly Hairstyles For Naturalists

What do you think about wearing your natural hair to an interview, work or to an important meeting? Do you feel confident in your hair? Do you think you look beautiful? Do you care what other people say? Do you like the hair style that you have on? Do you think there will be a perception that you don’t wear your hair in a professional way? What is professional hair? What is good or bad hair? Natural hair can get contentious in this day and age! Even with a blossoming natural hair community in Kenya and around the world, we still have a long way to go to feel comfortable in and fully accept our natural curls and coils.

Styling is a major challenge for many women with natural hair and maintaining a style throughout the week can seem difficult. In this month’s article, I’ll share some hair styles that you can wear to work. You’ll feel good about yourself and I’m sure you’ll get many compliments and inspire others to express their infinite beauty inside and out.

Afro-Puff on Short Hair

Have you ever tried out this neat semi-pulled up afro-puff on your short hair? This hair style has been achieved on hair that is only a few inches in length. It can be pulled off on medium length hair as well and if you have really long hair you may create a bun on top. For this hair style we used a comb, soft bristled brush, hair band (elastic), the Naturaz Rehydrating Mist and Detangler, the Naturaz Styling Moisturizer and the Naturaz Curl Defining Cream.

Apply the products in the listed sequence taking care to infuse your hair with moisture and much needed oils before using the curl defining cream. Note that a light weight curl defining cream works best if your hair is already soft and well moisturised. Finger comb your hair to bring out your natural curl then smoothen your hair with the brush without disrupting the curls that you’ll leave out at the top. Brushing softly distributes the oils through your hair, helps neaten and line up your hair strands and above all, helps lay your hair flat all around the hair line. Slip on the band and then tease out the curls a little more.

To have your hair lie flat properly, tie a satin or silk scarf around your hairline to just below your afro-puff. Grab some breakfast and then remove the scarf. Adjust your style as needed (for example brushing your softer finer hair around your hairline forward then down to each side of your forehead) and you’re ready to run out the door for your board meeting! You cannot go wrong with this hair style and don’t be surprised at the number of compliments you’ll get!

Finger Coils on Medium to Long Hair

Finger coils are genius! It’s amazing the definition that you can tease out with your fingers. I believe that fingers are your hair’s best friend. They are gentle and can help manipulate your curls to bring out their hidden beauty! This style can be achieved on various lengths of hair. In my opinion it works best on short and medium length hair types. A jolly comb can also be used to create this hair style. This style can be achieved with the Naturaz Styling Moisturizerand Naturaz Curl Defining Cream to nourish and soften the hair and subsequently to hold the coils.

When the finger coils are complete, you can either pin an accessory on to one side or, slide a hair band on and create a finger coiled afro, or you can pin the back and let your hair flow off to the front or side and you can even rock a Mohawk! The list of options is endless and it is one that you can implement throughout your work week! Wear dresses or skirts with colorful prints and a nice neutral jacket or sweater to pull off this fun yet professional look. Who said you couldn’t wear a cute, bouncy, coiled style and be a gorgeous naturalista at work?

Short Cute Hair Style With Line Secured on Side

I have a picture of my grandmothers wearing a cleanly shaven head with big traditional ear accessories! They looked gorgeous! I don’t yet have the guts to shave my head clean but maybe one day I’ll try the look! I love the short hair cuts and options that women have nowadays! There are so many feminine short hair style options out there that if you choose to wear a short cut, you wouldn’t run out of options. They are super easy to maintain and can significantly cut down on hair grooming time! 

It is important to choose a short hair style that suits the shape of your face and that will bring out your beautiful features. This particular hair style was achieved by moisturizing the hair well with the Naturaz Rehydrating Mist and the Naturaz Styling Moisturizer, combing the hair and drawing a part on the side using a comb. If you want to, you can lightly wear a scarf to further flatten the hair and any fly-aways. This hair style is great for work and can be accessorised with earrings as needed. Dress your hair style up or down depending on whether your place of work is very formal or business casual.

We’d love to help you! For additional information visit www.naturaz.com or visit the Naturaz Hair You Tube channel for “How To” videos.

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