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Natural Hair Bundle

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    The Naturaz system for Curly, Coily hair consists of a Naturaz Moisturizing Shampoo or cleanser, Naturaz Styling Moisturizer, Naturaz Rehydrating Mist and Detangler and the Naturaz Curl Defining Gel or Cream. It is designed to infuse lasting moisture into your hair so that you can easily manage your hair. Your hair styles will also look very moisturized and don’t be surprised if some of your friends and family comment about how healthy, soft and full your hair looks


    Detangling Technique

    Before you cleanse your hair, you may need to detangle as you may have recently removed braids, twists, a weave, shaggy locs  or just not combed your hair in a while.

    1. Spray your hair generously with Naturaz Rehydrating Mist and Detangler.  Leave on for 5-10 minutes.
    2. If you have definite tangles, use your fingers as much as possible to detangle.  Loosen hair that has clumped up together using your fingers.
    3. If you have twist outs, you may need to further work through the individual twisted out hair to further separate the strands so as to make it easier to comb.
    4. Divide your hair in sections, the smaller the better and comb from the tips to the roots.  Wherever the comb stops, don’t force it through, take it out and loosen the tangles with your fingers.
    5. Then keep working down the length of your hair until you get to the root.  You should then be able to comb from the roots to the tips for the detangled section.
    6. Repeat for all other sections.

    Cleansing and Moisturizing Routine

    Cleanse with the Naturaz Moisturizing Cleanser ( a little goes a long way) using the following cleansing technique:

    1. Cleansing technique: Divide your hair into sections then apply cleanser directly on the lines on the scalp dividing the sections.  Also apply some cleanser into one or two more spots on each section of your scalp.  Using the tips of your fingers (not nails), massage your scalp taking care not to tangle the rest of your hair.  For longer hair, if needed, add more cleanser to the hair itself and work your hands down your hair length in sections to cleanse it.
    2. Rinsing technique:  rinse your hair by moving the soap out in one direction so as to avoid tangling.  Still focusing on sections, work from your roots to the tips in straight strokes.  You can also comb your hair after you rinse, with water still running through your hair.  At this point you can most likely comb through all of your hair.
    3. Remember to clean your comb of shedded hair as needed, so that it is easier to comb through your hair.
    4. Blot your hair with a towel to remove excess water taking care not to tangle your hair.

    Spray your hair with the Naturaz Rehydrating Mist and Detangler (do so generously).  Massage it into your hair using uniform straight strokes so as not to tangle.  Leave it in your hair for a few minutes (multitask here;))

    Moisturize with the Naturaz Styling Moisturizer (a little goes a long way) and massage it into your hair using uniform straight strokes so as not to tangle.  This product separates.  Remember to SHAKE WELL so that you can enjoy all the benefits.
    Comb again and style as desired.

    If you want some additional curl definition, use the Naturaz Curl Defining Cream or Gel.  Work it into your hair and finger comb vigorously to bring out your unique curl.  This is fun!

    Maintenance Routine (Daily)

    1. If needed, wet your hair with water (this is not needed on a daily basis but moreso if you want to rework the gel into your hair)
    2. Spray your hair the Naturaz Rehydrating Mist and Detangler and work into your hair.
    3. If needed, moisturize with the Naturaz Styling Moisturizer and work it into your hair
    4. If needed use the Naturaz Curl Defining Cream or Gel last to re-define your curls.  Remember to fingercomb or use the technique that best defines your unique curls.

    Note:  You know your hair best and can tell when it is dry.  Feed it depending on how it feels to the touch.  If very dry, go through the 3 or 4 daily maintenance steps depending on the style that you have on (for more information see our How To videos at www.naturaz.com).  If it feels moisturized or semi dry just spray some of the Naturaz Rehydrating Mist and Detangler and work it into your hair.  If your hair feels particularly dry, throw on a shower cap as you prepare for your day so as to retain as much moisture before stepping out into the elements.  Remember that if you don’t have a protective hairstyle, your ends/tips are likely to be dry so moisturize them as often as you can.

    Keep your hair off your face as much as possible to avoid clogging of pores.

    Excellent Moisturizing and Hair growth Regimen for Natural Hair (02:22)
    At Naturaz, we are committed to elevating your hair journey and making you fall in love with your beautiful, curly, coily hair. Our natural hair care system will transform your hair into a deeply moisturized, happy, healthy, vibrant mane of hair that is versatile in style, soft to the touch, easy to manage, and undeniably gorgeous. Our products have best-in-class natural ingredients that are free of drying agents (such as sulfates and parabens) and we never use fillers like petrolatum and mineral oils. The premise behind the Naturaz Haircare System is to infuse lasting moisture into dry, curly, coily hair—which minimizes breakage and increases manageability, volume, shine and the health of your unique curls. I've walked in your shoes my entire life and know what it takes to maintain a head of healthy hair. [Mumbi Dunjwa, Founder] We're always sharing great information! Read and share our blog here: https://www.naturaz.com/blog/ Visit us at: https://www.naturaz.com/ Write to us at customerservice@naturaz.com Follow us at: FB: https://www.facebook.com/Naturaz-Hair-10150138779755717/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/naturazhair IG: @naturaz_hair Google+: https://plus.google.com/118427761108185615781/posts
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    1. BEST NATURAL HAIR CARE PRODUCTS <3  star rating

      Posted by Andrea on Nov 20th 2016

      Let me start out by saying I'm not new to natural hair care. I suffered from alopecia at an early age and tried lots of "natural" remedies to grow my hair. Though my hair has mostly grown back, I've hidden it for years with wigs and weaves because I was tired of trying new things.

      Enter Naturaz! From the very beginning, Mumbi was genuine and thoughtful in answering my questions. She recommended this natural hair bundle and I'm was a bit apprehensive at first. I'm so glad I went ahead and bought it.

      All of the products seem luxurious, the bottles are the perfect size for travel, and they smell great. Not chemical, just natural.

      I especially love the Styling Moisturizer and the Rehydrating Mist. My hair feels so freaking soft and I instantly noticed less hair coming off of my comb. I suspect these will be the first two to go empty as I use them every day.

      If you have any hesitation about buying any of the Naturaz products, email them! Seriously. Their team is so nice and I love that I can always get my questions answered.

      Using these products has seriously allowed me to fall in love with my hair again. I've been using them for almost a month now and even my husband (who's totally clueless) can tell that my hair is growing.


    2. Prodigal Hair  star rating

      Posted by Alice Hollingshed Copeland on Aug 17th 2016

      I've tried all the rest and came back to the BEST!!!

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