Are You A Product Junkie?

Ditch it!

It's a big waste of your time and money!  The promise of gorgeous, soft, manageable hair always seems to lie in a new product that you've just heard about.  You purchase it with great excitement and expectation.  You then rush home to try out the new style that you've been dreaming about, only to have your dreams thwarted by a less than optimal result!  

Are you one of those frustrated people who constantly finds themselves spinning a hair product fortune wheel?  Are you sick and tired of chasing your tail?  Do you still have that dry hair that's hard to manage and you're just about ready to give up?  Purchasing different hair products that don't work together in synergy, can stop you from achieving your desired results.   To avoid this:

Stick to one product line only and give it at least 6 months to a year! 
This gives your hair an opportunity to get used to the product and fully benefit from formulations made to work together.  Naturaz hair products for example, focus mainly on moisture.  Our formulations are aloe vera based and we use oils and lipids to nourish and condition the scalp and hair shaft.  When you consistently use the Naturaz products, your hair will become really well moisturized.  Not oily, not wet.  Just moisturized without the heavy oily feel.  Many of our clients have shared that their hair texture has changed.  My assessment is that when your hair is healthy and is holding enough moisture, the true nature of your curl or coil expresses itself.  That's just simply what it is.  Curly hair loves moisture.  You deny it, it misbehaves!   
So what are you going to do?  Can you stick to one highly moisturizing product line for at least six months?   

To help you in your search for the holy grail of hair care products, take a look at this article asking whether you read your hair product labels.  

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