How To Detangle Your Curly Hair

Do you have trouble detangling your hair or can't find a technique or product that can help you?  In this video, I walk through how I detangle my hair. 

 In short, below are the steps:

  1. I divide my hair into sections
  2. I apply a generous amount of the Naturaz Rehydrating Mist & Detangler on the sections that I'm going to detangle
  3. I work the product into my hair strands and let it absorb and coat the strand
  4. I use the comb or my fingers to guide me to the knots and tangles
  5. I gently take the tangles or knots apart
  6. I alternate between using the comb to guide me to knots and using my fingers to detangle
  7. I apply extra product as needed to moisturize areas that are dry
  8. I pass the comb through a fully detangled section

You need patience to effectively detangle your hair without damaging it or causing too much breakage.  You also need a product that delivers slip and that isn't so heavy on your hair.  Please leave a comment below and if you need further help please reach out to us at 



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