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Eat Your Way to Healthy Hair!

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How many times have you come across cosmetic, body and hair products that claim to be the holy grail of skin care, hair care etc.? Visual advertisements backing those claims usually showcase larger than life models with a perfect complexion or hair. Sometimes these renditions are so perfect, selling us a dream that we all aspire to but secretly know is unattainable. Nevertheless we try! That’s the beauty of hope.

As tenacious and as hopeful as we are in attaining a perfect appearance, we have to come to grips with the fundamentals that will put us on the right path to beauty. Beauty needs to be more than “product deep.” It should come from deep within your body and reflect on the outside. As the popular adage goes: “you are what you eat."  

An excellent diet coupled with exercise and lowered stress levels will keep you in good health that will undoubtedly be reflected on your hair and skin. It is something that you should strive to achieve on a daily basis. Eating foods in the wrong amounts can make you ill. For example, type II diabetes has become more prevalent due to lifestyle choices including a high fat diet, little to no exercise and low fibre/high carbohydrate foods. A high sodium diet over a prolonged period of time can result in high blood pressure and so on. Deficiencies in vitamins and minerals show up in a myriad of maladies including anemia, joint pain, osteoporosis, scurvy, hair loss, dry skin and more.

Over the course of the next few months, we will explore what needs to go into your body so that you achieve your own unique beauty inside and out, perfected.

For now, here are four foods you can incorporate into your diet to get healthier skin and hair!

Fish like salmon is high in protein and omega 3 fatty acids which are essential fatty acids needed for the functioning of the body. The body does not synthesize these naturally and we therefore have to obtain them from dietary sources or supplementation. Omega 3s are anti-inflammatory and reduce the risk of chronic conditions like heart disease, arthritis and cancer. Omega 3s support hair growth will help your hair retain sheen and healthy scalp. 

Greens like Spinach are high in vitamin A, beta carotene and, folate which is great for your scalp and hair. Folate helps with the creation of red blood cells and iron helps the red blood cells carry oxygen. You get the most benefits from greens when they are not over cooked. Iron in Spinach for example, turns into iron oxide when cooked. 

Carrots are high in beta carotene which is converted in the human body into vitamin A.  Vitamin A is crucial for healthy skin, prevents dry, dull hair and supports hair growth. 

Quinoa is a high protein grain that also contains iron which keeps our red blood cells healthy, manganese which is a potent anti-oxidant, lysine which is essential for tissue repair and growth and more.  

Add these foods to your diet and transform your hair and skin.  

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