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Omega 3 Fatty Acids For Healthy Hair!

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Curly, Coily hair is naturally drier than straighter hair types.  This is because the sebum or oil produced by your scalp is not able to easily travel through the winding course of your hair.  You therefore need to find ways to lubricate those lovely strands inside and outside!  A great way to supply healthy oils that you need inside your body is to incorporate Omega 3 fatty acids into your diet.  You need to consciously and deliberately do this because our food system supplies us with an abundance of Omega 6 fatty acids but not the Omega 3s which you need so desperately to keep healthy.  

Omega 3 fatty acids which are essential fatty acids needed for the functioning of the body are not naturally synthesized by your body and you therefore have to obtain them from dietary sources and supplementation. Omega 3s are anti-inflammatory and reduce the risk of chronic conditions like heart disease, arthritis and cancer.  Omega 3s support hair growth will help your hair retain sheen and healthy scalp.  Eating meats like salmon and sardines and incorporating seeds like flax, sunflower, chia as well as nuts like walnuts will give you the Omega 3 acids to transform you from the inside out.  


For my health and hair, I like lemon infused cod liver oil that delivers 1100 mg of Omega 3 and also has vitamin D3, Vitamin E.  I try to get a teaspoonful every day.  My six year old daughter also enjoys her daily dose of cod liver oil, which is also great for her brain development.  I also use oils and rehydrate my and my daughters hair often using the Naturaz Rehydrating Mist and Detangler as well as the Naturaz Styling MoisturizerTogether they deliver healthy oils like jojoba, lavender, coconut and palm oil while retaining and sustaining moisture with aloe vera and glycerin.  

Include an Omega 3 supplement in your diet and you'll notice a difference in your hair, skin and joints.  

For more information write to us at customerservice@naturaz.com or visit www.naturaz.com

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